Photojournalism Students First Outdoor Acitivity

Pictures here are my first click with my Canon DSLR Camera during out first outdoor activity as photojournalism student in the sea side Creek Dubai United Arab Emirates.IMG_3688

Being Sail Boat is not as easy as others think. Their life is always in danger with those strong waves and they have to spend their life under the sun before getting paid.

IMG_3697Some People spent their time in the sea side to release some stress and burdens. Photo taken in Dubai Creek.

IMG_3978I was walking in the sea side to get through the boat when these guys catch my attention forming their line and tried to pose while asking me to take a photo by them. If only I had a picture printer then I should print these picture for them as their souvenir but unluckily, I don’t have.



A long queue in the sea side. Taken in Creek Dubai.

IMG_3783IMG_3692IMG_3886My professor while taking video.

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