“All About me”


        I was 9 years old when I started writing some poets. At the age of 12 I started writing some short true to life story more about hardships in life and family matter as I’ve grown from a poor family so I have to work in my own at the age of 12 as a working Student just to support my studies. I used to write stories in my small note-book where I used to put under my pillow and never published  since I don’t have blog or page to publish my composed story. I am not as popular like other millions blogger and I’m not as good as other famous writers do but I just want to pursue my hearts desire. I’m not even have multiple degree like others had but I always composed stories based on experience and this inspire me the most to be able to write.

           At the age of of 19 I finished my 4 year course BS. in Computer Science at Saint Mary’s University , Nueva Vizcaya and luckily I’ve got my first job immediately as Sales Consultant in Grolier International Inc. I almost collected different kinds of books like Harry potter series which inspire me more in writing stories. I have gone through different field of jobs but everytime I feel stress and want to freak out on a stressful situation, a note and a pen is my stress reliever.

       To support my writing hobby, I decided to take Photojournalism Basic Course at Filipino Institute in Burjuman, Dubai United Arab Emirates and thanks God! I really enjoyed the course as Photography is one of my interest and Visual story telling is one of my favorite hobby.



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