It was hot summer time when I first met you wearing your hottest smile that I think everyone’s hard to resist.You offer your soft gentle hand for handshaking as a sign of getting to know each other and since then I felt something that really hard to resist.

My heart fill with so much joy because we’ve become friend in Wattsapp. Everytime my phone rang I couldn’t help my self not to hold my phone hoping that it was your message and this kinda feeling is really hard to stop.

We’ve been good friends for more than a year with open communication, ’till one day, I woke up staring at my empty notification phone and this made me feel so lazy to get up from bed. Months and Months gone without hearing anything from you and this really kills me up inside.

Until one day, here you are again over the phone. We’ve saw each other again that day with your lovely pet but I felt something different. You we’re not the gentle guy that i’d known before. Conversation start again and I find my self smiling with every message you’ve sent. (Please help me from falling) the only word I can say to myself.

You always send me words of apreciation. Every word from you mean so much to me. Then I wake up one morning missing you but I couldn’t tell you.. đŸ˜­ I started asking question does your messages means a lot to you? Your simple “good morning Beautiful! Message means so much to me and I missed them so bad.

Now that you’ve gone missing and quiet, I start asking myself, Does your messages before meant something to you? Cause I miss you badly but I don’t have the guts to tell you how I’d feel..



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