Sometimes, it’s better to talk with unresponsive object rather than having a conversation with someone who you think they really care for your feelings but unknowingly, they are just collecting some information from you to have something to gossip afterwards.  We are all surrounded by plenty of people who call you friend when you are with them, but not all friends calling you friend are a real friend. Looking back with the days passed made me feel so bad as it always remind me of someone whom I trusted all my heartbreaks,problems and all my anxiety but she spill the beans to everyone. It’s been a year to gain someone’s trust but once it only takes second to destroy. I may talk to you casually but I hope you’ve noticed those changes in me. Asking what made me quiet? I will simply replied; Nothing. You thought me not to trust because it feels so devastated when that trust ruin by the person whom you entrust. LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE. Because of betrayal, I learned to hold my tongue , seek a quiet hour, have my note book and pen on my lap and begin writing all my emotions and Thanks God! I finally found MY SHOCK ABSORBER. After writing all what I went through the day, I will feel better and great. So, here I am now, Open my Lop top and begin typing all what I’ve wrote. LESSON: You don’t need plenty of friends to be happy, You just need to appreciates all the things around you and make them useful.    


‘If you had experience the same, please comment How you handle the situation? and How you overcome betrayal?


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